Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The president of Division two league side FC Tamale, Mr Ibrahim Gagbuni has hit back at the technical director of the Ghana football association, Bernard Lippert for his rage against Ghanaian media at the launch of the Ghana football philosophy.

According to Mr Ibrahim, it’s very disrespectful and insulting for the technical director to utter such words to the media.

“I found it deeply offended and disagree with your recent statements about Ghanaians and their involvement in football. Calling Ghanaians “talkative” is not only disrespectful but also insulting to the entire nation.
As a Ghanaian and a sports enthusiast, it deeply disappoint me that someone in your position would make such a generalized comment about the people you are meant to serve.”

“In the first place you are not fit to be Technical Director of Ghana Football . What is your history as Technical director in the world of football ? You were the technical director for Azerbaijan 2008 and in 2009, you were demoted from Technical director position to Assistant Manager in the Azerbaijani team. In the same year Lippert was further demoted to the team manager of Azerbaijan U21 .
Lippert does not deserve the current role he is occupying at the Ghana Football Association. Just by the way , what would you say about the way Germans talk about football  Lippert ?

“Whilst, you mentioned the release of the ‘National Football Philosophy’ as a way to revive Ghana’s footballing glory, it is crucial to address your claim that Ghanaians always complain instead of accepting reality when it comes to poor outcomes in football. It is unfair to assume that Ghanaians only focus on complaining, as they genuinely have a passion for the sport and a desire to see their national teams succeed.”

“Moreover, you emphasized the importance of Ghanaians understanding their football identity and having defining characteristics. Whilst this is a valid point, I am curious about the scientific research and evidence supporting the concept of a unique “Ghana football DNA philosophy.” If such a philosophy truly exists, it is important for you to provide details about the research behind it. Otherwise, it raises questions about whether it is simply a replica of football philosophies from other countries association, such as the English FA.”

“As a foreigner working as Technical Director of the Ghana Football Association, It’s very important first and foremost you respect the nation and the people. It is your responsibility to foster a positive and inclusive environment for all stakeholders in Ghanaian football. This includes respecting the opinions, aspirations, and dedication of Ghanaians who genuinely care about the sport. Dismissing their concerns as mere talk without offering concrete solutions or engaging in meaningful dialogue is not the way to inspire confidence or drive progress.”

“I urge you to reconsider your statements and issue a sincere apology to Ghanaians for the disrespect conveyed in your remarks. Collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect are the keys to working towards the development and success of Ghanaian football”, he wrote.

FC Tamale plays in the Northern regional division two league and are hoping to make a mark in the upcoming season.

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